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*Laab when pronounced in Arabic means play 

I am interested in the source, the simple, and the subtle

Research Laab* is a proposal to share my developing practice “Morning Questions” where I look at a structure in the human body and wonder. I embody the structure in stillness, in motion, in relationship to other structures, to the tangible and intangible, to the space, surroundings, and others. 

I use resources and points of inspiration from the diverse approaches I have studied such as the Axis Syllabus, various somatic practices, martial arts, and elements of traditional dance. 

I wonder, what if the internal solar system of my body acts as a medium beyond function? What if bones are tokens of time and testaments to immortality? What if my sternum remembers a distant memory that brings me to a collective one? And my talus tells the story of my ancestors? Is fascia a separate thing? What am I feeling and what can I do with that realization? The questions unfold in bewildering metamorphosis

This practice is a form of gratitude to myself, my body, my mentors, and to the other. It is in constant movement and therefore it is in eternal transformation. 

It is an extension to share my fascination with others in a play-based ground. 

I invite you to arrive to your questions, to share your wildest curiosities, and tune in to the tiny transformations.  

It’s a circular practice, exchange, and coming together. 

Research LAAB: Text


In summer 2021, I invited a group of participants to my Research LAAB as part of NSL. We met twice a week on Mont Royal. We departed from an anatomically-inspired image, tuned in to sensation through introspective improvisational scores, shared our experience, studied some theory, and shared a dance.

Research LAAB: Video
Research LAAB: Pro Gallery


This phrase started from a walk. I introduced rhythm to start finding the dance and variation of steps. I then inserted turns, jumps, travels. I would like to research this equation further, and to find more folkloric, traditional, communal types of dance that originate from a "simple" proposition.

Research LAAB: Video


Shared this floor phrase with Raul and Alison. Working on oblique angles, diagonal lines, round pathways, and transitory waves

Research LAAB: Video


Invited Raul, Alison, Amelie to participate in a creative proposition. We interacted with the projected video by drawing it, tracing the movement, reflecting in words, imagining the resonances, etc, on paper. We created a gallery of drawings and each one picked 3 drawings that spoke to them. We then improvised the drawings in movement and created a score inspired by the marks on paper.

Research LAAB: Video
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